Fiberlay Composite Materials Expo

Another great Composite Materials Expo will be held again in Renton on August 10. Go to website and click on the Expo. Get details there.

It says that it cost $150 after July 10th.

Register anyway, but don’t wait until last minute. Scott says it will be on him for my guys. He notes that “The training if purchased separate is a $1200 value.” Email him at to get a free pass.

Faamu Sami Pic

Have fallen behind here. Too many deadlines. However. Faamu was noted by Ira Heller “”I sailed on Faamu Sami, a custom Kurt Hughes 46′ tri, this past weekend and there’s no wire in the standing rigging. BTW, the race was from Falmouth, ME to Yarm

outh, NS, 180 mi. We set a course record, lowering the time from 18 hrs 35 min to 12 hrs 20 min. It was a blast!” And I got this great pic too. It’s a twofer as it has Rolling Stones T shirt in it too. (50 years and all)

Won’t Swiftsure be fun now? 13 knots to windward and oven baked dinner.

Alternative Email

I have been hearing from several people that my email has been down, on and off, for several days. And still much email has also arrived. I looked into it and it was not the server being down again. Seems the Drizzle spam filter got out of control at the ISP. You’d think Seattle is a 5th world country. So, I just got an alternative email for those situations.
It seems some slacker already got the simply multihulldesigns. I will post on website as soon as I can.

Cat 2 Fold 30

Three years ago I designed what I thought was a simplification to Rafi’s Cat-2-Fold beams. To make it less costly, I chose off-the-shelf mast sections as the connective beams in place of carbon fiber laminations. Rafi thinks it won’t work. I think it

will. It has never been tried. I publish it here with the understanding that if it is published, someone somewhere else won’t be able to patent it and prevent me from using it. I can’t afford to patent it, and besides this market is just too small to make it worthwhile.
So, some of the snapshots. Ignore the unstayed mast bearings.

X-ray view



Nice Note from Martin in Thailand

Hi Kurt,
here i am with the halves done. 10 people working we did it in 1 hr and 5 min or ten, each of them. Very happy. Super smooth, easy to bend and using Epotec Resin. It looks very ok. Meanly because these days is bloody hot here. 7 am alread

y 29 celsius arriving to 40 at 2 pm.
As soon as i get the time i’ll send you some pictures and maybe a short video.
A bad news is that some “visitors” got in my place and tooks some ply……