The Next Couple of Weeks

Its going to kind of be triage here for a few weeks. I have about a week of epoxyable weather to fabricate the Lunar Lander parts. They all become so big so fast that they are all outdoors. I know I tell builders not to do that, but there it is.

st week of October I will be at IBEX catching up with builders and vendors. About mid month the curtain of cold rain hits and stays until April. So I will be mixing epoxy as much as I can until then. When the rains hit I can finish everbody’s design projects.

A Few New Videos

I found a couple of nice videos online of KHSD multis. Not the blow-you-mind kind like Simmo does, but nice.
First, the Adventure Cat on a foggy day on the Bay.

and a 37′ tri crossing the Atlantic. and

and Caimen over in UK, a tube and wire KHSD 26.

Second Uganda Ferry in the Box

The second 65′ ferry bound for Lake Victoria is put into the container near Seattle. The hulls must be cut in half to fit into containers. I mistakenly thought that they had elected to bolt the facing bulkheads together instead of keeping the joins

in-plane of the hull as I advised. The bulkheads are only for alignment. Very pleased to hear that.

Vacuum Bagging Seal

I seem to have bad luck with sealing a vacuum bag with shipping tape. So, for my last bagging I used only Liquid Nails ($2 a tube). It was a small bag (32″ x 72″ part) so it only used one tube. The shipping tape costs more than that as I recall. My

plastic storm window splines all wore out and I have not gotten around to buying new ones. They are my favorites still. If I have them.