Shopping Cart Down for Chrome Users

It seems that the shopping cart is suddenly down for all Chrome users. I have DXCart working on it. It does still work with IE 8.
Doesn’t everbody use Chrome now?

5 days later I see it is not fixed yet and all I get is recording when I call, or robo form when I email.  For now have to use IE.  If not fixed by tomorrow, I have one more big job I see.

Not a Retail Store

I just got another rude awakening from PayPal. A fellow in UK ordered some plans and paid by Paypal.  The plans, CD, DVD and specs were sent to him by airmail. It seems that he was of the opinion that airmail from the US doesn’t take more than 10 days. (airmail overseas now always takes a month to a month and a half) Despite my giving him the postal tracking code, he filed a claim with Paypal, and they took my entire fee back.  (I see the tube took 8 days just to leave the US)

I have to remind everyone that KHSD is a design office, not a retail store.  I do know that some people expect my office to be like Amazon with hordes of low paid workers ready to Fedex your order out the same day.  I cannot hire more staff to meet the orders as the products do not bring in enough  to pay for that.  If I had people to do the retail, the costs would have to double at least.  I don’t think most people want that.

When I am here, printing can only be done once a week to meet the printshop minimum order size.  Printing costs have doubled about yearly now. If I have a serious deadline on design work, the retail products might have to wait.  Again a design office not….

Finally when I am out of town, as happens often and usually with little warning, the retail has to wait until I get back.

Not Amazon here, but trying to keep up.  Maybe the products all need to be only sold on Amazon, but its not there yet.

A few people have used this feature of Paypal to both get the product, and also get all their money back.  I guess I need to get a waiver back from every Paypal order now making sure they understand how it is, or I refund on the spot.  Just what I need, one more layer of tasks.

I am surprised that IBEX has never been interested in doing a seminar on legal intricacies of international design sales.  I’ve stopped suggesting it by now.

Holo Wake-Ferry Wake

I spotted this video of my 61/65 power cat design Holo Holo powering in Hawaii.  If it’s like when I was there, it is doing 27 knots.   You might need to be on Facebook to see it. Sorry, thats the only place it lives.

The government ferry agencies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on studies about bizzare ways to mitigate wakes on their lumbering metal catamarans.  As noted in my powercat article, a light, slender pair of hulls must be too easy of a solution.

38 Power Trawler

I finally got my first pictures of the actual KHSD 38 power trimaran trawler completed.  It is for sale for a crazy low price. Construction looks great. The amas look way too small to me. In the design, they go up to the underside of the cross tubes and have rounded deck. An easy fix that one is.  New versions of it have even bigger amas, though friend Steve Scheidler crossed Pacific in about same size boat with same size amas as designed. 

And I had the motors on the sides of the main hull so it could turn in its own length.

Scroll down the page and turn down your speakers. I could not grab any pictures from it.


More of Alex’s Mast

Here are just two of my dozen pictures of the rotating, unstayed mast on Alex’s 45′ cat building up in Bellingham. Jim Betts did the mast construction. I did the design, with FEA help.  More pictures soon. In the first see the mast and balestrom, as well as crane lines.  Second is closer to the carbon mast at the bearing area.  See the splines that the balestrom slides onto.  I hear launch is soon.