9 thoughts on “a Sunchaser 58 Video”

  1. Does anyone know anything about this sun chaser 58, and why it is so deep in the water ? How much should it weigh ? Is this a good boat as is ? How much weight could actually be taken off ?

  2. thats the heavy one. most of it is plywood interior. as I recall that has the major parts that Richard built so is the best one of the lot. Except for interior.

  3. Ideally, how much of the hull should be under the water line , especially at the bow , for the boat to perform as designed ? Im not sure I want to buy a boat that is already under water , but I really like your design a lot !!!/Users/rodrigocovarrubias/Desktop/4722295_20140618162843418_1_XLARGE.jpg/Users/rodrigocovarrubias/Desktop/4722295_20140528145123921_1_XLARGE.jpg

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