System 3 Q-R Codes

Interesting story.

Last fall I visited System 3 Epoxy and Kern told me of the trouble he was having getting people to follow printed instructions on how to do 2 part caulk adhesive.
I mentioned my sense that my boat plans of the future will have Q-R codes on the plans, using YouTube to show how to do that part of the boat build. His eyes lit up. I got to see the result last Thursday. He has a whole new $20K video studio set up and is getting after it. At my suggestion he will soon have QR codes for “how to” on amost every product.  Glad to see someone listens to me.


Transom Steps/Walk Through on Smaller Cats

Transom steps are all the rage now days. I have a theory that they first were found on mega-yachts like in Showboats magazine. In my theory, they were designed so that the septuagenerians who could afford mega-yachts could actually get to the water or the dock.  Marketing people learned offer that slice of mega-yacht to small boats also.  It reminds me of Dr. Seagrave explaining how in architecture, things that were added to cover up shoddy workmanship began to be demanded by the uninformed.  I assume now that he was thinking of cove and other millwork.

Most of us could get down to the water anyway, but we love the transom steps and the walk-through.  Like many things, they have a price.  Most people don’t realize that on cats under about 45′,  the luscious transom steps take away a stateroom, or two if two transom steps.  Above 50′ or so, transom steps and a stateroom can pretty well co-exist, but under 45′ its tough.

transom steps

The safety of transom steps/walk-through also depends on where you are sailing.  Most of the production cats I see are intended to sail in tropical tradewinds.  Wind and waves are there, but not overwhelming. 

Here on the west coat of the US, and surely some other places, the harbor is on the other side of a bar or other crossing.  Giant waves breaking over the transom are a typical day in the office at these places.  Combined with the now common low sill or no sill into the main cabin, it has the potential for a disaster.

Free Dashew Weather Books

From Lat 38.
“Dashew Offshore, Beowulf Publishing, and the FPB team have been blessed with the support of the cruising community for many years, and we’d like to return the favor in a small way,” they wrote on their blog, “We are making these two books, Mariner’s Weather Handbook and Surviving the Storm, available for free as PDF files. We hope Mariner’s Weather Handbook helps you avoid the need for Surviving the Storm. If these books help a few of our fellow cruisers have a more enjoyable experience, and perhaps stay out of difficulty, we will have been amply repaid.”

Even if you have the hard copies of these books, the PDFs can be easily loaded onto your tablet or computer for quick and easy reference whenever the weather gods decide to get frisky. Click HERE to be taken to their site; the download links are at the end of a fascinating post on forecasting, storm tactics and successful cruising.”

2014 Newport Ensenda Race.

From Sailing Anarchy today. “Good Friday morning to everyone from the WxRouting weather center. The 66th annual Newport to Ensenada Yacht race kicks off today around noon off the Balboa Pier off Newport Beach, CA. A late season storm is dropping southward and a GALE WARNING* has now been posted for the inner waters and includes part of the race course. ”


Its probably not PC to say it but, this is how multihull sailors get their budget rigs, cross tubes and bow tubes.  Rigs will come down, and hopefully everybody is safe.  But guys, find the local mast scrap yards and score.

More Fiberlay Classes

Again Fiberlay classes.

Basic Composite & Mold Making Training Classes!

Saturday, May 10, 2014  9am – 3pm  and again maybe you can get in for no cost if you note that you are one of my builders.

Fiberlay – Seattle
24 South Idaho Street, Seattle, WA 98134

Please see the links below for more information:

Paypal Update

The notorious George from Greece got me again. Paypal seized my funds again. Recall that he bought plans for a powercat design in early December and wanted them emailed. That was done, including dxf lines for all parts needing that. Recall also that he also later demanded the plans be revised from foam/glass to plywood/epoxy at no cost to him. When I told him that extra work had to be paid for, he got a full refund from Paypal. Even though he had the plans. Paypal later decided in my favor.
Just today Paypal seized my funds again. His bank in Greece seized the funds from Paypal, and Paypal in turn took mine, again. So again I have to forward all the emails and information showing he got his plans. I, and any other designer has to feel very vulnerable using Paypal. I cannot even confront his bank. Earlier someone noted other designers only accept bank drafts or similar. Very dangerous situation.  And instead of designing, I spend today putting together my case.   Again.