Maybe Stuff Done Wrong?

Customer send me this connecting beam idea and wondered if it would be good on his KHSD tri.
They are from a Scarab 32 trimaran. That unit  looks like a cloned F-boat, including the too-small amas. And apparently they fold, but I could not see how that worked there at the site. What I did notice is these beams look like they take the F-boat beam and strut and combine them in one piece, infilling everything in between.
If I may, that solid wall of beam would have to slam like a mother in waves.  Both of them.  Especially with the small amas.  It looks like stuff done wrong again.  Maybe someone can tell me why it isn’t so.


Stem Unit

I have noticed that the CM construction manual had the stem unit pictures fall away and I did not notice it when I had Pagemaker open.

I will insert soon, but meanwhile here are a couple of good pictures of a stem unit from builder John Stames.  He has sent also a raft of other great pictures that I will sort as soon as I get out from under the deadlines.




Stuff Done Wrong

Clearly I am not intervening quickly enough to prevent this kind of mistake.  It’s a Fontaine-Pajot Maryland 37 Trawler.  It is intended for displacement speeds.  Top speed is reported to be 15 knots with 140 HP per side.  It is not only dragging transom, but a huge transom.  I don’t know but it sure looks like a cat designed by single hull designers.   Even a heavy powercat of the same size but correct hulls should do 20 knots with about 80 hp per side.  I tried to make an intervention, but clearly am not famous enough. 

ABACO - wp_20140502_001