New DragonFly or Stuff Done Right

I often see what I think is bad design being foisted onto the inexperienced.  And I call them out.  Sometimes I see designs that look good to me.  The new Dragonfly looks pretty good to me.  Finally amas that are big enough.  A snakey look. Flowing beams.  And of course the required aft swept bows.  I assume they also have improved on the single stainless pin swings in favor of a composite bushing?


If I may,  all the same features that I put in my 31′ swing arm tri 10 years ago, less the swept bows.


4 thoughts on “New DragonFly or Stuff Done Right”

  1. Dude, I assume you think this is news to me? I have sailed on one. I gave joint multihulls lecture with Jens back in ’07. They used to look frumpy and had small amas. And severe weather helm. This unit looks much better to me.

  2. Your mention of a 10 year older design of your own with the same features implies that you came up with it first. A bit disingenuous don’t you think?

  3. I never imply. If I think smething, I say it. Swing arm trimarans go back at least as far as Westall in the 60s. I assumed everybody knew that.

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