Non Metallic Plumbing Fittings

Non-Metallic PEX Fittings
Pex piping was one of the discoveries I made on the Lunar Lander  project. It is used in place of PVC especially since it can survive freezing. The plumbers used metal joint fittings, which must be destroyed for the piping  to be revised.

At the IBEX conference I found these non-metal pex clamps. .They can be installed with only pliers instead of a crimping machine that resembles bolt cutters. An improvement on an improvement. Made in Chile.  There, better pic.


Last Ocean Navigator

I am so bored with this by now. Hopefully this is the last.  I just came back to these gems.

Dude, get a life.  I copied all your messages.  I would be curious as to what you seem to think is libelous.  Spend all this energy making your boat seaworthy.

“Love how Kurt leaves out half my message. This is not a Kurt Hughes. I used his shitty, incomplete plans to obtain proper connectives and hull skins. Nothing about this is a dated, ugly, undesirable Kurt Hughes shitbox.
One more thing, Kurt. I have begun the process. I highly suggest you think clearly and remove this professional libel from your site. This was the last warning. I am funded and will not back down until this is gone or you go bankrupt in the process.
You want to play hardball? Two can play at this game. Wait until you see the site I make that will appear at the top of the search engine rankings when looking up you, your designs and your business.”

Back From IBEX

I will post several of the other interesting finds at IBEX, along with the proper links soon.
I came back to cascading computer failures, so am running office off of cell phone mobile hotspot to the laptop.
Parts should arrive tomorrow.  Crawling back to full strength.

Dire Warnings

For the first time, while travelling and using my elderly laptop workstation, I noticed the dire warnings that come up when navigating to this blog.

It’s fine. Matthew says it’s fine. We don’t want your card number nor anything. Am not sure why it does that, but ignore it.

Greg Lynn

I attended a great lecture by Greg Lynn, and architect, boat designer, thinker and one of Time magazine’s 100 most something one year. Influential people?

He was discussing 3D printed parts for boats, but he is also working on marine design informing architectural design.

He did discuss his trimaran, Girlfriend.  I have declared in the past that the tri must have a lot of bog involved in building, as all parts are so organic and smooth.  And thus add extra weight.   I have to take it back a bit.    The interior was light, and entirely built with molds.  The interior alone cost some $100K, and weighed around 80 lbs.  But due to print-through,  it took an extra 100 lbs of bog.

Every part had a full size eps foam mold.  Its a big deal.  Its time and money that I could never imagine on a boat.

We swapped cards. I hope we get to talk more.


IBEX 2015

It was a very different IBEX from before for me. Few of the usual speakers attended, and I doubt if I recognized a half dozen people. I guess being in Kentucky I should have guessed so. Instead of sailboats and yachts, this was a bass-boat and pontoon event. It wasn’t always this way here though.
The big trend I noticed was fragmentation of vendors. It used to be for things like deck ports or core materials, there were only 3 or 4 vendors worth looking at. Now it is dozens. I will be updating the construction manual again to add the extra suppliers.



Glowing Switches

This is why I went to the IBEX this year. Glowing light switches. UL listed. All are 12 volt, but with LED lights that should be fine.  Am sure it would really add to the boat experience at night, and be safer.  I will  have to find the brand and link and will post  here.


Ocean Navigator Returns Again

So who is this guy?  And if he has had a naval architect or P.E. sign off on it, I would apologise for questioning its safety and wish him well.


But I got this under the title of  “I wasn’t kidding”

“Expect legal correspondence shortly.

You do not have permission to publicly display my boat, make private correspondence public or  defame me or my asset.

Fuck you, Kurt

Enjoy.  Hope the legal side bankrupts you, asshole.”

Still no name.  And maybe a couple of “nor” instead of “or” are called for?

Email Down

My email is a mess just now. Outlook was getting its folder too full so I tried to start another one. It would not. Maybe Outlook 2000 only takes a few folders. I tried a workaround to ship the files to another folder. It took all day and only sent half of them. The result with each folder half full crippled both of them.

My Gmail will no longer recognize my password on the computer, but will on the smart phone. Am going to have to do something major and soon.

I do have the squirrel mail on the laptop so will use that for this week and next at IBEX.

Ocean Navigator

Recall I was sent pictures of what was stated to have been one of my cats. The revisons looked very dangerous to me and I had not authorized them.


I got this from someone going by the name Ocean Navigator. I  say what I see. To me it looked like a rescue waiting to happen. I wanted no mistaking that I was responsible for those revisions.  Windows are not to be taken casually.  Kelsall had one blown out in the last year or two resulting in the cat being lost.

And if I may, my window design never was intended for vertical windows.  You may not know that the wave forces are much higher on vertical windows.  I also did not design minimal framing.  Mine has much more beef.  And I can see your companionway down into the hull.  There is no 6″ coaming there.   I just report what I see.  So who are you anyway?  And if that is not how it will finally be built, say so and I will apologise.  The house looks pretty finished to me.  You don’t need a war, you need advise on making this seaworthy.

You take some random pictures of my UNFINISHED boat, put them up on your blog and proceed to trash it?!?!  WTF is that?

My boat was painted and buttoned up for weather so it could be moved (via the intracoastal waterway) to another location for another year of work on it. 

I used your fucking window specs from the plans.  It’s all foam/glass.  It has fucking combings everywhere (as well as drains).

Unbelievable.  Why in hell would you start a war with someone who is trying to complete one of your boats?

Don’t even think about naming me on your blog or I’ll get attorneys involved for a defamation of character suit.