Invictius Went On the Rocks

At lunch with the guys at CSR I learned that Invictius went on the rocks up near Everett. It did make it ashore and is being repaired. I saw a picture of a giant shark bite out of the keel area of one of the amas. Larry was not driving. A Mr. Southerland owns it and gave it a snappy paint job.
Crewing on Invictus was a kind of rite of passage for many in the PNW.  Larry designed and built it and has been racing it since the 60s.
I will get more details and pics of the repair.
Below is in happier times.



One thought on “Invictius Went On the Rocks”

  1. I’m glad they decided to fix it, at one point it was for sale as a wreck for parts only which seemed a shame.

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