Shaw Powercat

This comes under the heading of stuff done way wrong. A fellow sent me these pictures and noted that the underside gets pounded in any waves. He wondered if I could help. When I saw the pictures, I remarked that it looked like something that John Shaw would do. He asked that I don’t hold it against him. 100,000 lbs. displacement.  71′ length, but looks like around 65′ of real boat. Draft 5 feet. Thinking some kind of wave splitter is the only possible solution.  If I could have only done an intervention before it came to this.

2 thoughts on “Shaw Powercat”

  1. Easy fix. Just leave those little undersized hulls in place and use them as struts to build a completely new SWATH underbody and raise the boat up about 6′. LOL

  2. Looks like a river boat (or Intercostal). No good options for pounding but increase speed, plain with trim tabs, increase front buyoncy. The fuel consumption is going to increase a lot and also the attention required for driving. Decreasing safety which already looks borderline… You can add splash guards. Mission Impossible!

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