27 Catamaran Design

It seems like almost every project start is on hold in the dog days of summer. A magazine asked me to send them a design so it was an excuse to tighten up the graphics of the 27 Cat upgrade. Complete study plans are ready.

2 thoughts on “27 Catamaran Design”

  1. Obviously the sail plan is copy and paste because it will be hard to handle both in power and awkwardness. The hulls look good but just wondering if for this small size wouldn’t it be better just one center rudder and one center dagger board and loose 10% efficiency.

  2. Wrong and wrong. With squaretop on 60′ stick on Geko I singlehanded all the time. This little bugger will be easy.
    Central board and rudder way worse than 10% loss. Look at the distance between CE and fulcrum of the board at center vrs in a hull. Board structure is deflection driven, as are most carbon rudders.
    And if you get good enought to fly a hull? Yes?

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