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  1. Aye, I-Do concur Kurt-san, Meade is the “Bomb” His Spirit will live-on in All of us Passionate Seafarers and Over-Abundant-Sharing-n-caring “Giving-Back” Voyagers and way-Finders… Meade Gougean Imua Ka Kou/Gambatte Nei with the Awesome~Divine, Your Gracious Memory and Celebration with Fun Sailing Safer and Swifter, shall most certainly carry-on The “Pulse” of Faster and Safer Epoxy~Breakthrus yet to come! Hughes-sama, Kind Sir, according to Pioneer Jim W. Brown and My Own Senior Grande Master Teacher and Bestest Friend Joseph Miller Quigg Sir Meade should have been alive to see and hands-on experience the future of his and Jan’s Revelation/REVOLUTION of “Plant-Based” Superior/Divine/Completely Reliable Simplest, Most Efficient “epoxy-like” Ultimate Bonding~Agents; applied with Aero/Hydro Sphere Supremely “Awesome” Speedster with Singleness of Purpose to KISaS~S (Keeping It Simpler and Swiftly~Safer)- FttW (Faster than the Wind) UFP~SF-GDSM (Ultimately Fun Penetrator~Surfer Flying-Gliding Dream Sailing Machines)… Keep Pulling the Apparent Shih Fu Gougeon-san, and Allway Be At-One-ment with The “Pulse” of The Wind and The Waves.
    A Hui Hou, Simply Enjoy da “Glide” aloha nui ka kou iruka

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