100 Foot Catamaran Container Ship

First run at a 100 foot container cat freighter for the Caribbean.
X-bows, unstayed pipe masts, Maltese type sails, I assume that is best where rigging can’t get in the way of loading and unloading containers.  Open to any other suggestions.
Single skin laminate and stringers in place of hull core.
Crew of 4.
And clearly I need to get kiwi Chris Anderson involved.

8 thoughts on “100 Foot Catamaran Container Ship”

  1. Given the many masts and the orientation of the containers vs the fore/aft axis of the ship, how are the containers loaded/unloaded? Large container ships have the long axis parallel to the dock, and are lifted on/off (as I am sure you know) by specialized cranes… For the island service, are you looking at roll on/roll off using mobilizers? Just curious…

  2. yes, customer choice. many advantages. if fore and aft, any rig is in the way. this way the containers can be part of the connective structure.

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