23′ Tri, 28 years

Facebook is great for reminding me of things I would forget. I forgot this from two years ago.  23′ mini cruiser built in CM.
I just got this wonderful note from a builder, Joe. I got to sail on his boat in Lake Tahoe back the same week Sierra Cloud had her first sail.
“The little tri is 26 years old now. Yes I know it is hard to believe.
I don’t baby this boat. It is kept on a lee shore and mostly sailed in
strong winds. She doesn’t look much different than the day I launched it and shows little signs of wear in all key areas.
I guess at this point we could say the construction is sound.
I’m glad I didn’t go with a “famous designer” with all that I hear
about those boats. Thanks for the great design. She has given me many years of good times.”

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