new 31 Tri at Wooden Boat Festival.

I can’t believe that I have been lured into designing a new millennium searunner. A custom design where the design requirements eventually became center cockpit over any others. I, and most other designers, rejected center cockpit as it takes up the biggest part of an already too skinny main hull. Ply/epoxy. For the wooden boat festival.
Added more items, lowered the boom, photovoltaic, and added people. And the in position. Customer has been friend for 30 years. I have not even thought about plans. Just enough for his wooden boat festival presentation. I just noticed that the seastays vanished in this Luxology rendering method. They are there.

Plywood flat panel construction main with core as needed.  Amas in CM developed plywood.  Amas and tubes slide in for mooring in a marina.

3 thoughts on “new 31 Tri at Wooden Boat Festival.”

  1. Think I’ll rename the boat scarph after i’m done><! That looks like a happy compromise between exotic molding and flat panels

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