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No More Epoxy Primer at Farwest Paint

For years, maybe even decades, Farwest Paint has sold a Matson 2 part epoxy marine primer that I always called 545 at half the price.  Many of my builders have used their great products at much less than the rock star paint’s prices.

At my last trip I was informed that they no longer carry it. They have replaced it with a one part. 20 years ago a change usually meant an upgrade. Now days it could just mean that sales only increased 8% per year and corporate quashed it.
I bought and tried. It does make life simpler; not having to mix and wait to induct.

The new product didn’t feel as tough in my unscientific opinion.
And the guys at the sales desk were new to me and unlike in the past, didn’t seem to know anything about the products. I wonder if Far West was bought out? I will find out.

Nice Power Tri

I just got this picture from Fisherman’s Bay, Lopez Island. No wake and fast. Of course. I don’t know what design. It looks about right to me though.
Maybe a bit bigger amas with reverse bows also. For that badly timed run out Cattle Pass.


Finally starting to get better. Several people here have jobs I’m working on. Almost 2 weeks ago I got slammed with the worst cold I have had in decades maybe. I have the flu shots and usually I beat it in a couple of days. Not this time. Finally able to eat and drink.
I haven’t forgotten those jobs; I just vanished more than a week.
Starting back.

37 Trimaran Picture

I just got this picture of one of my 37′ trimaran designs from the old days. It must have been the third or fourth design I ever did. August 1986. Hand drawing days. I’m struck by how good it looks to me at the first telling glance. Cylinder molded plywood epoxy.  I hear that it also may be for sale soon.

Mystery Catamaran

I got these pictures of one of my cats from Australia’s gold coast. I was told it is about 45 feet and open bridgedeck. I would have guessed is Paul’s Quemarla or however is spelled. Anyone know more about it?  I see is named Gato.

I see that Owen has discovered a huge amount of great stuff and will dribble in in this week.  I have had some unexpected parent health issues so has been demands on my time last week or two.


I think I forgot to note this when it arrived in April.

ESET is again downloading antivirus definitions so computer is too slow to use to search.  It hogs the CPU.
If you want a copy, email me and I can forward the PDF. NVIC 02-16 is 50 pages.

Offshore Catamarans Expands

Long time east Florida catamaran builders Offshore Catamarans has been ramping up. “We now have six builders on payroll not counting me. The shop we are in is rented (80′ clear span} with bigger space available. We build the parts here and do our final assembly at Seminole Boatyard where we can travel lift in cats to 25′ beam and hire a crane for wider.”

This Hughes 36 Day Charter Catamaran USCG Inspected for 24 passengers. This Cat is demountable and can be shipped anywhere in the world. For more information, please visit   Michael Bell 561-714-9045