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Running Late Here Again

Guys, I had guessed that epoxy season would  end like usual in mid October. It has been odd year. I expected to finish the work in September, but that month was the wettest one on record.  Ten times the usual rain as I recall.  partsarrivedThen October and now November are far better and warmer than expected. I need to take a few more days off and epoxy the lunar lander parts together before the snow actually starts. I hope everybody can wait just a few more days.

D-32 Trimaran

My builders are not clubby. They do not need the reassurance of yuppie approval from a club. They set out simply building and sailing. Usually I never hear from them unless there is a problem. Roland’s extended 32′ tri is an example. What a wonderful surprise to get these pictures of a cruising trimaran in full.  I do really notice the “Crowther towers” that keep the cross tubes high enough inside to get under easily.  Bigger ama would look more elegant, but would interfere with the fit on the trailer.


Roland relates

“We sail this Year 4 months in Croatien and we are very happy to sail this Trimaran. He make on 8-10Kn Wind 7-8 Kn Speed 10 – 14 Kn Wind 10- 11 Kn Speed .We have for 4 Months clothes and
another things on Board, 120 L Benzin , 120 L Water and ,and … He sails fantastic .


Roland Koenig”





Forespar at IBEX

OK just a few more IBEX. Plastic strainers and other water handling equipment. USCG does not approve as if there is a fire, they might melt, leak and put out the fire….
USCG doesn’t understand that these boats don’t sink.  I had not seen the plastic strainers before.  I’m in favor of as little metal as possible on my designs.


Double Curved Glass Windows

OK I better wrap up the IBEX stuff here. It was the first year we could take pictures and I took a lot.

This Canadian company, Pacific Coast Marine Windshields,  makes double curved glass windows. I have hear rumors that such things can’t be found. People forget that Sarabi had them also. This company also has a factory in Ukraine for European customers.