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First day back and totally wasted day.
Apparently the combination of 1300 emails and being 10 days out of Eset AV updates has frozen my system over and over. It slams up to 100% CPU and pretty well stays there. I’m about halfway through the emails. Most of the spam is in French so Multiquoque must be selling me to lists.  Eset has gone on downloading for hours and the cancel update tab,  doesn’t.

Probably the only way out is to use Squirrelmail on the laptop to reduce the wave. Outlook seems to only choke on it.  Will have it sorted by Monday.

Out Next Week

I will be out of the office from M14 through M23. I will have the workstation with me and should be able to catch up on some 3D modeling.  I should have email where there is WiFi.
Anyone have any projects in Iceland or Scotland that I should look at?

Trimaran Ski

One of the fun things about this job is that I get to see all kinds of things.
Someone sent this to me asking if I wanted to invest in this big production run.  I’m always amused that the proponents of these kind of units are so certain of their success, without any water miles.

A Boatbuilder’s Tiny House

Wandering back from the post office after shipping a plan set I saw this interesting 4×4 van.     It was painted Stars and Stripes blue with Stirling 2 part polyurethane paint.
It is also a tiny house for ronin boat builder James Moreland.
Bed across the back. Galley on starboard. Office on port.  Call him if you need help on a boat project.  Hit him at 206 380 7094 if you need help on a project in PNW.
Glad to meet him.

Bowtubes and the USCG

You surely remember the broken lumber A-frame shown recently here on the 42 daycharter cat.  The owner chose to replace and update with a standard alloy tube and wire system.
My worst fears about MSC came true.
I submitted the stock, stamped, original plan sheet to MSC.  I also submitted an 2017 version with the same section properties or better.  Keys Rigging submitted the proposed with extra strength on all items.
It was rejected. They wanted the calculations also.  Done. Those were rejected until I would explain how I did my calculations. They did not have a standard to aim for. In fact I was asked to explain what the relevant factors were.  It has been almost 2 weeks of back and forth now. My fear that nothing that was settled “law” before, is now.
I have probably done a hundred of these, and I bet Keys Rigging has done that many also, or more.
I also get the feeling that they are stressed and angry at MSC. Maybe Trump chaos has hit there also.
This is one part of why no postings last week. Deadlines also. Next week will be better I’m sure.

23′ Trimaran Update

I finally got the first run of modeling the updated 23 daysail trimaran. Version B will have ama rudders and the even hotter version C will have foils. It is a developed plywood/epoxy unit with core vacuum bagged onto the flat surfaces needing that. And carbon fiber where it helps. At around 360 kg lightship weight, it can be built for around $5000 us in construction materials. The connecting beams should be carbon mast sections. The camper version comes next.





The New 35 Tri

I finally got a chance to model this on that I have been looking forward to doing since before thanksgiving.
No windows nor cockpit are cut into the model yet until I verify the interior and weight/trim study. It will probably be built with vertical bows, but I hope not. Main hull not more than 84″ wide.
Displacement is 4217 l bs. It takes 5 HP to go hull speed of 8 knots.