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Wireless Switches

Wireless 12v switches. No need for wires to the lights from the switches. No batteries. On composite boats, and composite tiny houses, this is huge.  No need to cut into the composite to hide wires, nor fasten the wires to the composite surface.  Built in dimmers and smart light sorting too. Around $320 for a kit. I probably spent 50 hours doing and connecting switches on the lunar lander. These would have been a bargain. Only scary part is the switches look like the flush button on my Toto toilet.

Ran Out of Design Books

The last of the Design Books just went into the Priority envelopes, and sent overseas. It doesn’t make sense to print any more. I used to sell several a week. Now it is rare since everything is online.  Plus postage has gone up drastically.

And my earlier guesses forward were not so good. I still have a box of VHS and another box of PAL construction manual tapes lying around.
I will discuss best path forward with Matthew at the IBEX.  Maybe the best is a link for a download.  This old book cover picture is the only one I found here on the laptop.

VW Catamaran

For some reason I can’t resist a quirky project. And with some people paying late, the cash flow helps.
This fellow wants to keep his prize VW, taken from his inefficient pontoon boat, and get a more efficient sled under it. I modeled it with the 36′ Boat in a Box charter hulls. It will require a lot less power now.  For the Mississippi River.  He will be notorious.

Foam Still Available

The most common feature that I hear about now with foam/glass multi builds is the difficulty in finding and getting core. I can’t believe this lot hasn’t been all grabbed yet. It has a waiting time of as soon as you pay for it.
It’s ideal for multis of 35 to 55 feet long. Bob Lanford, I gave seller your number that you gave me. It doesn’t work. Hit me with another way to contact you.
some glass is also still available.
prices are very good.
3/4″ 19mm (6PCF)
(Bead & Cove) Planks – 2.50″ Wide – 89.50″ Long = 235.75 sq. in.
235.75 sq. in. / 144 = 1.55381/sq. ft. per plank
120 sq. ft. /1.55381/sq. ft per plank = 77.2 planks

Plank Count /Box = 272 planks
5 Boxes = 1360 planks = 121,720.00 Inches/12 = 10,143.33 Total feet

Back Monday

A couple of jobs went thug demanding first in line, one with a brace of insults. So I have been working late every night and the office the office has been basically closed this week.

Been quite a while since I have been bullied. As usual the office seems to cost more than it brings in so I have to keep at it.
I should have them completed by Monday.