Oops, Lost One More Day.

Yesterday, Monday, I was going to dive into the work for everybody. As soon as I got up I got a text informing me that my lunar lander dwelling had been engulfed in a wild fire overnight, but was probably OK. I had to speed over and see what was damaged.
I was amazed. It was fine. We did learn that epoxy is self extinguishing in tests for the USCG, but I didn’t really want to test it.
Am here in office working all month.


Am back from a trip that I had promised to do for the last two years. I did have laptop workstation with me, but ended up putting over 3000 miles on the car. I was beat at the end of every day.

I will be back in the thick of it next week, working on all your projects, and will open my CFR 46 for Mark.

Atlantis 63 On the Block

My 63 trimaran Atlantis is on the block and up for auction I see. I got this.
“Dear mister Hughes ,

We are SEILHAN SILLON LAVIGNE Society, baillifs in Martinique French West Indies La Trinité.

We organize a public auction for a multihull called “Atlantis” on 22 th June 2018 at Le MARIN.

You have drawn this beautiful Wessel ( 63 ft).

French State Autorithy have grabed this boat by a judgment toward its ex owner , trident company.

Did you know some peole who where interested in ? it will be nice to communicate about it. ( Upset price 80 000 € and estimated price around 120 000 euros + 13% tax) .

There will be some others wessels for this auction : 2 Lagoon 380, 2 small fishing local boat with 75 cvx Yamaha and Mercury Verado, 1 Jefferson 33 ft with 2 mercury verado, 1 carrera 32.

Sorry for my bad english (!).

you can contact us : sillon.huissier@wanadoo.fr
our web site : www.huissiersantilles.com

Bien cordialement,
cell phone : 596 6 96 43 66 16″

Several people have noted that it lost it’s mast some time ago.  I do recall that First owner declared his carbon fiber had double the modulus that I expected. My mast design was way over built in his estimation. His mast build failed.  He never told me.

On The Road

I’m on the road this week until the 31st.
I have the laptop with me and most of the files I need. And I get email.
After I get back I can catch everybody up, and go point by point with Mark Ganulin.
As though I have nothing better to do.

Another Stuff Done Wrong

One of mine this time. People, contact me before you start cutting. I was not contacted with this one.
Having a walkway back can be a great idea. There does have to be a minimum amount of shear material, and the cap strips need to go far enough.
I’m not sure if Zeevonk always had the outboards, and if they were like that.
With the added material removal caused by the hatch there. it sure likes a failure waiting to happen.
If so I hope it happens close enough to shore to swim back.

Email Study Plans

I try to send them same day, or as soon as I get back to the office, or on the road if I have everything with me.
Especially recently several people are not getting them. A week or two later they contact me to find out what happened. I try again and it works. What up?
Maybe when you order, email a backup email address to me.
And when Matthew gets back from his walkabout, I will see if we can strike the mailing address of the order process.

Elua Sailing

Sitting here on the deck working at Kanapali (kanahaole I call it), when catamaran now called Elua transits my view. Far away but has the distinctive arched bow tube. It was my first COI cat on Maui. Guys visiting the build revised the structure, badly. 1987 I think it was designed.


Tax Day Sale

Once again I am giving a 10% discount to any full plans orders placed on or before our tax day of April 15th.

It is not done at the shopping cart as webmaster is overseas.  Instead you place your order, and I get back to you with the discount.


After a week of being gone, the blog is back.

Working from overseas, Matthew got it back up again,
I have no idea what closed it down for more than a week. And that came after a previous week of the shopping cart, the website, and my email all being down, all on different servers.
I do find some 58 spam comments, many from Russia.

A lot has happened this week and I will shove as much in as I can as soon as I can.

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