Sorry guys. I’ve been in the hospital from Thursday until late Saturday. Am hobbling around like an old coot now.
Wednesday night I had a very good workout at the gym.
Midafternoon Thursday I was suddenly vomiting and had probably worst stomach pain that I have ever had.
Went to ER. 3 days in hospital found nothing. Only theory was drug interaction between warfarin and the rare time that I took Advil.
Point is I’m still not even 50% back. trying to. This is why some projects might feel neglected. Soon as I can.

Rotating Wingmast Hounds and Colligo Rigging.

I’m coming up with a few options for rotating wingmast hounds.
First with padeyes for the shrouds. First run at 200 degree (100 degrees each way) wing mast solution, with Colligo fork fittings. Lime green is toggles and blue is SS padeyes.
Composite foundations (yellow). Basically the whole lot stays in one place, and the mast swings like a door behind it.
It should have much less wear and chafe on the composite stays.


Now with tangs instead of padeyes on the rotating bit.  I do have great respect for the opinions of the experienced sea dogs on the last post.  I have also have been working this for a few decades. Keep in mind, 99% of all rigging out there is terminated with toggles.  We shouldn’t just abandon toggles for purity. In my experience, toggles are pretty good at aligning to the load. The old batwings would chew up toggles, I admit. Pure synthetic would be wonderful, but not quite there. I do have one possible idea on that. Soon as I can model it. Too many deadlines here.

Compare the Two 65 Ferries

I should explain why the two Lake Victoria Ferries look so different. They had the same stock plan set and are the same beam overall.
They look so different.
First, I had hoped that they would be built in Uganda. That didn’t happen. They were to be sent over in containers. For the second boat, I streamlined the process by lowering the freeboard so that the hulls could fit in the containers without more surgery. Amani needed 7 containers; Bluebird, 4.
Again the beam overall is the same.  Amani is open ocean and Lake Victoria is a lake.


Mostly Upgraded

The migration to Win 10 and Office 16 is mostly there on the new laptop.  Will be the office web machine and portable CADD now.
So far easier than I feared. It has however taken an hour and Bing for me to get into the blog here.  Matthew helped with suggestions.

Lake Chelan Ferry Molds

Amazing rapid construction by Albert, the Thain Boatyard shop lead. Not everyone might understand that this female mold is developed plywood, with minimal fairing. I had been doing this with CM before, but Albert simplified it even better.
He CNC cut out the stations, then tortured a single layer of 4mm ply into it.
That is huge time savings. It becomes a big 3 D batten.
The other shape is the strip planked deck mold. It had to be done the old ways.  It looks like to could also be a party barge mold.

inside the ferry mold
outside the mold
the strip planked deck mold

Lake Chelan Ferry

50′. Foam glass hulls. Ply/core/ply cabin showing bright wood inside. Carbon added to plywood to save weight where reasonable.
A pair of 140 hp outboards to give 20 plus knots.
Lake Chelan is right up there with Lake Tahoe as a deep, scenic, crystal clear lake.


I got back from out of country to a truckload of rush projects. This blog fell behind.
Besides getting autocad files of hull lines to Owen, a new 50′ ferry for Lake Chelan in Washington here, a 79′ charter cat in Mexico, finishing up the new 79′ Sierra Cloud for Lake Tahoe, a new wingmast design, more on the 45 cat, and several little ones.

I did see that the heavily marketed Rapido 60 trimaran was only in the middle of the E-glass fleet in the ARC race when it lost it’s mast. I understand that no other masts were lost.
I also saw that Russell Brown took great exception on SA to my doing commentary on designs.
There should be some quiet here during the holidays where I can catch up.
Also, I keep the hot shot workstation off of the net. Just to be sure. My web machine is an ancient Pent4 using XP. Anymore it slams up to 100% CPU use as soon as I turn it on, and stays there. Everything is a big hourglass.
Nothing I’ve tried is able to cure that. It seems the antivirus software takes most of the bandwidth. So I bought a new computer. The handoff of programs, database, email and varous peripherals may or may not be seamless.  I will try.

Email Jamup, Again

Almost 1000 spam came in over the weekend. The online computer is choking on it, as well, the antivirus software keeps uploading new anti definitions. So, I may have to get back to some of you next week.
When Outlook crashes, it starts loading the whole lot from the beginning again.
I see a new web computer in my future. This one is pretty old. I do keep the workstation off line.

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