This partially built 42′ catamaran is for sale in California. The builder died. It also has a lot of tools.

“My brother, Tim Beyer, purchased your plans for a 42 foot Cruising Catamaran approximately 5 years ago.  He has built the hulls, bridge deck floor and dagger board cases from plywood composite and fiberglass.  It needs an interior fit out and rigging.

I would like to sell the partially completed project with the plans, all power tools, supplies and materials, and a 38 foot trailer that can haul the hulls.

My brother put his heart and soul into this catamaran and unfortunately died before he could complete it. Consequently I’m looking for a buyer who appreciates all the love and skill he invested in this boat!

His boat is currently located in King City which is an hour’s drive from Monterey.”

As you can see, it is almost built. CM developed plywood.

$60,000. reduced to $30,000

Sue at 650-493-6630 

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2 thoughts on “42 CATAMARAN FOR SALE”

  1. This looks interesting. But, it is not clear which design this is. I wish not to bother Sue unnecessarily, if someone recognizes this design. It looks more like a charter design with the deck configured flush. Kurt, Anyone? Thanks.

    1. I hear it’s sold. I looked at the project. It was very good and well executed with only minor issues. It had the cabin sides above the shear completely integrated into the line of the top sides,curving in with a compound curve cold moulded style with diagonal limitations, which I thought was a stroke of engineering and artistic genius. The boat will look stunning. I would be working on it now and I am regretful I didn’t take it. The other aspect I thought was perfect is that the bridgedeck was left open without filling it up with giant bunks. For my purpose that would be perfection as I wanted space for sail training and charter passengers. The hull volume is sufficient for bunks as it is a cruising section with a narrower water plane flaring out to a greater width above the water line and to the shear. It is an amazing piece of work by Kurt and in this case by the builder. I had waited 50 years to realize my dream and it will be to the end of my days to not be anticipating living the dream, working toward this and to now have to work to give up my dreams. My advice is if it’s your passion and you want something as much as I did, it’s worth doing so even if you die trying – as did this builder. I wish the new owner every success with this project. I have grief and regrets and hope something good comes out of this not doing of mine. Take heed. Follow your dreams as there is nothing else to guide you as far as I have found. And if you know of another path, please let me know.

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