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I’m finally able to log into my blog. Using the workstation which has win 7 and is typically not online. Something changed with the laptop using win 10 and I couldn’t log on anymore. I temporarily blocked my antivirus software, but still no go. So to work this I will have to ye the workstation for a while.

I’m Back

I’m back.
I never got headaches. Suddenly I had pounding ones.
Cat scans showed nothing.
I was about to board a flight to Kauai when Dr called. She said do not fly, go to emergency immediately.
I remember the ambulance ride to Swedish hospital and nothing of the next three days.
Years of warfarin had built up pressure in skull. It took two sets of burr holes to relieve the pressure.

First few days I couldn’t even use phone.
Much better now. Back in the office most days now

A Nice Note

I got this nice note from the HaynesCarstens family.
” We are frequently asked what type of boat she is, and are always proud to answer that she’s a Kurt Hughes! Just wanted to send well wishes to you, and let you know how stoked we are on your design! Here’s to a speedy recovery so you can get back to creating more wonderful things for folks to enjoy!! Best Wishes! :~ The HaynesCarstens Family

Fisheries Supply Seminars- Riggers Party

Thursday, March 5th • 2pm to 8pm
Fisheries Supply 1900 N. Northlake Way
Seattle, WA 98103
Across from Gas Works Park

Hosted by the Fisheries Supply team
• Technical seminars hosted by leading brands
• Boat Box Talks: “Elevator pitches” on new products
• Surprise Giveaways
• Check out some of our favorite new products
• Connect with marine professionals and other boaters
• Learn from experts at product training seminars
• Great BBQ, craft beer and refreshments on us!

Plotter Repaired

The plotter is pretty much repaired. I just ran through two sets of hull plots for a 65 catamaran. That used up the roll of paper.
I will be able to plot out big full size plots again.
One catch, the new version of the CADD program always prints the over length plots in twice real size, clearly not acceptable. Tech could never fix that so I must revert to older version to plot accurately.
Old version will only run in 15 minute trial version. It stays interesting

No photo description available.


The future caught up with me this autumn and I didn’t see it coming. 6 or 7 years ago I bought an amazing plotter. A Canon that could do a page in something like 20 seconds. It could do full size patterns and everything. No more repro copies of an original. It would be just in time printing.  $5000 and supposed to be worth it.
A couple of years ago it stopped working. After about a $1000 in repairs it was working again. Until it quit again and I was warned it would be another $1500 and that might not be enough. That was last year. People were slow to pay at the time, so I parked the plotter. For at least a couple of decades, I could send a dxf file to University Reprographics and they could plot it out at full size.
An overseas job came up that needed that. It turns out that is not possible anymore. To plot AutoCAD, they would need their AutoCAD.
With all of us having plotters, the repro shops had to cut costs. That meant no more AutoCAD at the repro shop. I tried every other repro shop in Seattle. Nobody plots AutoCAD anymore commercially. And even with mere PDFs, it was more than $500 for a hull plot.
So I am getting my plotter fixed. Parts are on the way. I’ll part with the cash. As soon as repairs are done, I can do everyone’s full size pattern plots again.No photo description available.

the Best Weatherstripping

I think that I have tried every kind of weatherstripping to seal door closures or wet hatches. This model, called Rubber seal, ribbed, seems to be the best I have ever tried. All are adhesive backed. The ribs allow one part to deflect, without distorting the whole seal like a square section would. The black one is 3/8″ thick, from Grainger.

The white one is at Home Depot. They don’t carry black. I think is 5/16″ thick.