Gorilla Glass

Gorilla glass is the amazingly strong and durable glass that makes iphones and droids possible. Ford is starting to use it on cars. 30% lighter than regular glass and more durable. Maybe some shapes will fit on catamarans in the near future.


for the USCG-They Float Forever

12422290_10154058019348628_851553211_oThis ill fated Gunboat got its windows blasted out some 18 months ago and was abandoned. And recently rediscovered.
Note to MSC. They float forever. I once did these calculations for Ganulin showing that the foam in the hulls and bridgedeck would take care of all the damage stability. He was unimpressed.  I still had to do the damage stability calculations.

End of the Week

Meeting more deadlines this week. So not much put here again.

For the upcoming, I have pictures of the repair of Holo Holo, the new stretched 37 cat being built up at Jim Betts shop, with aeroesque rig. I will post a new 50′ trimaran runabout and a new 62′ cruiser. Meanwhile I will forward some of Owen’s finds here in case anyone is not yet following him.

More Coast Guard Mucking

I haven’t been here much lately between rush USCG submittals and deadlines on real jobs.

I had thought I was done with mucking around with the recent USCG catamaran submittals and could get some work done.
One of the hulls measured a half inch deeper than the other. That came to a difference in displacment of 3.5 pounds and a possible heel difference of 0.126 degrees. Unless I can talk them out of it, they will insist on a new complete stability study for each hull. As it is now, the stability is more than 40 times what is required for metacentric height, and over twice what is required for intact stabilty.
The whole crew there seems to be new. I’m trying to talk them out of this silliness. They do have unlimited power on this kind of thing.