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Fiberlay lowering prices.

Fiberlay is lowering prices.

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Carbon Fiber Crosstubes Installed

When I ordered the carbon fiber cross tubes for my yellow 12′ trimaran, I assumed a modulus of about 16 million. And I speced the thickness accordingly.
I just got the spec sheet from the manufacturer.
8.5 x 10 to the 7th.
I checked with a scientist I know. That is 85 million.
That is more than 5 times the modulus. Wow.
They aren’t going anywhere.

Painted with Awlgrip clearcoat.

New Carbon Fiber Cross Tubes

On the spur of the moment I decided to go to White Salmon to pick up the carbon fiber tubes I had made for the little yellow trimaran. Innovative Composites Engineering.
I also got a tour of the place. Amazing. Stuck in the woods outside of White Salmon. Space X is their biggest customer. They have giant presses to compact the laminate even more than bagging. I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures inside the building. And also warned not to touch anything.
They consulted on Oracle. Hence in the boneyard.
When I ordered the carbon fiber cross tubes for my yellow 12′ trimaran, I assumed a modulus of about 16 million. And I speced the thickness accordingly.
I just got the spec sheet from the manufacturer.
8.5 x 10 to the 7th.
I checked with a scientist I know. That is 85 million.
That is more than 5 times the modulus. Wow.
They aren’t going anywhere.


I stumbled on this list that I made years ago. It still looks pretty good. I need to study it carefully for changes but again it looks pretty good.

A big mess of sources. I worked on a lot of these during the last few trips. I imagine this kind of being crowd sourced where people will add to this as it goes along. Some to be added anyway, but getting it out for what it is now. I see it doesn’t let me hot up the links. To get hot links, put sources in the search engine and load the one from years ago.

A sources list now is different than it was when I first did the Construction Manual. Presently the best way to locate boatbuilding products is to go to the manufacturers website, and from there find the vendors in your local area. This list is pretty much for North America. And it leans toward products that I have first or second-hand experience with. Builders elsewhere, get me your favorites and I will expand this.




System 3


WEST System


Jamestown Dist.

Fiberglass Supply

Vinylester Resin

Ashland Chemical

Interplastic Corp

Composite Fabrics

Fiberglass Supply

Fisheries supply


Composites One




Corecell grain balsa/index.htm

Divinycell (crosslinked PVC)

Urethane General Plastics









Core Craft FRP Honeycomb

Vacuum Bagging supplies and equipment




Anchor Hardwoods


Meridian Plywood 1-800-743-1126 Lynnwood, WA


Boulter Plywood

Joubert Plywood


Farwest Paint



Rigging and Masts

Hall Spar




Fisheries Supply

West Marine

Outdoor cushions that do not absorb water. Dry-fast open cell polyurethane foam ideal for outdoor furniture and boat cushions. Five Year warranty.
I have bought some light samples from HollySolar

The watermaker store ( In san diego has a watermaker (up to 1500gpd) with a 130A alternator on it, all based on the Kubota 6hp diesel which purportedly uses 1/8 gallon per hour.


Masts, Battens former omohundro 775-782-6788, often called the best mast builder

Sailing equipment

Synthetic rigging parts seen


Carbon tubes

racing software and electronics

Marine computing international

make a black box that allos wind and radar to be fitted on a rotating mast (Mike Golding on his open 60 has one)

Composite props

electric outboards

A Steerable diesel electric outboard:

Steerable raisable electric drive:

The Azimuting Podded Prop:

Or these amazing drives

Plastic Mirror TAP Plastics Inc.

Go to electric power

For nets

window bedding techniques


Northern Tool And Equipment

Fax: 1-612-882-6927 Air tools, Auto, Engines, Generators, Gloves, Hydraulics ect…..

For info on LED lights

comparison table for plastics and other materials

Composite materials

Noah’s Marine

A local Vancouver company, Kraft Industrial Supplies. Lots of other nifty pultruded shapes (I

confess I was surprised how cheap these things are).

I just had a meeting with a rep from TriStar Plastics Corp. This is the

plastics equivalent of a steel service center. They stock plastic, machine

plastic and will provide technical advice on what is best for a particular

application. Interestingly they make a wide variety of bearings which would

seem ideal for rudders etc.

plastic boat sheds

Carbon tubes, start with these guys:









48″ Day charter project

Hi! I’m starting the build of a kurt hughes design day charter cat to be completed spring 2022 in southwest florida. it will be a cylinder molded wood composite build. I’d like to communicate with anyone else who is currently building, or has built a similar boat. i’m a professional boat builder, having built and worked on several of kurts designs.

couple of questions:

  1. anybody have a suitable dagger board mold? or want to use mine when i’m done with it?
  2. any good leads for sourcing rudder shafting?
  3. if anyone needs uni or triax i have found somebody with a couple tons nearby (sarasota area). vectrix and very reasonably priced. let me know in the comments and i’ll post info.

the Best Weatherstripping

I think that I have tried every kind of weatherstripping to seal door closures or wet hatches. This model, called Rubber seal, ribbed, seems to be the best I have ever tried. All are adhesive backed. The ribs allow one part to deflect, without distorting the whole seal like a square section would. The black one is 3/8″ thick, from Grainger.

The white one is at Home Depot. They don’t carry black. I think is 5/16″ thick.


Composite Chainplates

I recently had to review a chainplate on one of my COI cats and send a note to the USCG.
I see from the X-Ray report that the Aolani chainplates were not steel, but composite as I thought they were.
These composite plates are immune to corrosion, unlike metal ones.
I assume the builder used my layup schedule as I have sent earlier. I see no reason to doubt that.
They are easy for the builders to build in a huge safety factor.
Instead of being fastened onto a hull, these synergistically combine to both strengthen the hull and the chainplate.
Unlike the metal plates, these have some resiliency so make all the parts longer lived.
Any delta in the parts from the loads would show up immediately and early by cracks in the paint. Unlike metal plates which usually are not painted.
Attached find a picture of one of my other catamaran designs with composite chainplates. Note that he lifts his entire vessel with only the three chainplate locations.