Carbon Fiber Crosstubes Installed

When I ordered the carbon fiber cross tubes for my yellow 12′ trimaran, I assumed a modulus of about 16 million. And I speced the thickness accordingly.
I just got the spec sheet from the manufacturer.
8.5 x 10 to the 7th.
I checked with a scientist I know. That is 85 million.
That is more than 5 times the modulus. Wow.
They aren’t going anywhere.

Painted with Awlgrip clearcoat.

2 thoughts on “Carbon Fiber Crosstubes Installed”

  1. More of a question than a comment; would it make any sense to scale up carbon fiber tubes for larger demountable designs (32′, 38′) or, is it cost prohibitive or the benefits not outweigh the negatives/cost?

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