48″ Day charter project

Hi! I’m starting the build of a kurt hughes design day charter cat to be completed spring 2022 in southwest florida. it will be a cylinder molded wood composite build. I’d like to communicate with anyone else who is currently building, or has built a similar boat. i’m a professional boat builder, having built and worked on several of kurts designs.

couple of questions:

  1. anybody have a suitable dagger board mold? or want to use mine when i’m done with it?
  2. any good leads for sourcing rudder shafting?
  3. if anyone needs uni or triax i have found somebody with a couple tons nearby (sarasota area). vectrix and very reasonably priced. let me know in the comments and i’ll post info.

6 thoughts on “48″ Day charter project”

  1. Fantastic to see this build happening. Please keep posting as I will be watching eagerly to see how this goes. Do you expect a lot more man hours than the hulls you built for the powercat? Are you building alone? Great stuff!


  2. Matthew
    Here’s a link to a site that’s advertising AISI 329 heavy wall ss pipe and tubing..will keep an eye out an
    out and let you know if I run across any other leads

  3. Been waiting for something like this to happen for quite a while, not sure if it presents an opportunity or not but when you get a chance send me an email

    Much obliged

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