More Stiletto

I got this note today.  Interesting.
“Dear Mr. Hughes,
I found a post online from you that refers to a confidential design bid proposal request.

It is highly unprofessional for you to start posting complaints about us and referring to a confidential bid request.

I also do not remember offering to pay anything for Bid Requests on the Project.

The project is ongoing and any damages from your releasing inappropriate confidential information may come back to haunt you.

Please immediately remove you references to our Bid Proposal and the “New Stiletto 10 Meter”, as you do not have trademark ownership or license to do so.


Jay M. Phillips Managing Director – Stiletto Manufacturing, Inc.


I tip my hat.  Well played.  The project is already generating controversy buzz and it is just beginning.  Only problem is nobody reads this blog.

I went back over the request email.  There is nothing about confidential.  Zero.  And I see no complaints.  Just reporting what I saw.  Is illegal for me to discuss a design?  Were my points not good? If I do several hours of unpaid work for you, surely I get an opinion on it.  And glancing back, they look good to me.

I’ve done a few start up projects.  It might have been useful to listen to some of my notes in the extensive emails we exchanged and the blog page.  A combination of my skill doing more with less, my stylist’s eye and Rafi’s folding system would have been killer.

Searunner Construction Manual

This is very cool.  Download the Searunner Construction Manual.

Probably nothing in it applies to boatbuilding now, but there is no other book with better sense of the adventure of building your own multi boat.  Or sailing your multi-I remember something about always assuming your motor will die and being ready for that.

Its like getting the Whole Earth Catalog digitally.

Out There Doing It

Still slammed here but a couple of quick ones.

Just got little story and pic of one of my cats from Jock, out there doing it.

“I’m still sailing around the Caribbean since 2010 on Unleaded a KHSD 30 ft cat.She’s still a delight.I like telling my “condomaran”friends that it took a year to use the ten gallons of gasoline I bought in Puerto Rico as Unleaded sails so well I only motor into and sometimes out of anchorages (sometimes sail in and out)because “I CAN”.
Met a nice young couple from Maine on the CM version of the 30 ft cat last spring in St. Maarten. (James and Emily) neat to see another KH design.
This year I made a mold and raised the hatches over the central part of the hulls a bit(2 or 3 cm)so now unless it’s a driving rain I can leave the hatches open a crack for ventilation as the rain streams away from the opening.
Here in the Caribbean I can still buy two stroke cycle outboards so I’m replacing my Suzuki 9.9 4 stoke cycles with Tohatsu 9.8 two stroke’s.That should take 20kg or so out of the boat.
The pic is looking towards St.Georges Granada”.