Nice Power Tri

I just got this picture from Fisherman’s Bay, Lopez Island. No wake and fast. Of course. I don’t know what design. It looks about right to me though.
Maybe a bit bigger amas with reverse bows also. For that badly timed run out Cattle Pass.


Finally starting to get better. Several people here have jobs I’m working on. Almost 2 weeks ago I got slammed with the worst cold I have had in decades maybe. I have the flu shots and usually I beat it in a couple of days. Not this time. Finally able to eat and drink.
I haven’t forgotten those jobs; I just vanished more than a week.
Starting back.

37 Trimaran Picture

I just got this picture of one of my 37′ trimaran designs from the old days. It must have been the third or fourth design I ever did. August 1986. Hand drawing days. I’m struck by how good it looks to me at the first telling glance. Cylinder molded plywood epoxy.  I hear that it also may be for sale soon.

Mystery Catamaran

I got these pictures of one of my cats from Australia’s gold coast. I was told it is about 45 feet and open bridgedeck. I would have guessed is Paul’s Quemarla or however is spelled. Anyone know more about it?  I see is named Gato.

I see that Owen has discovered a huge amount of great stuff and will dribble in in this week.  I have had some unexpected parent health issues so has been demands on my time last week or two.