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Profligate at 25


That means I’ve owned my modified Hughes 63 built by Dencho in Long Beach for one-third of my life and half my adult life.

Man, time flies.

If I had the money and desire, I’d build almost the identical boat, but in carbon.

It’s about the maximum size cat you can singlehand or doublehand.

Yet we’ve also taken thousands and thousands people racing and sailing on her.

Speaking of 25, that’s the highest number of knots we’ve hit. Once under working sails, once under spinnaker.

One time south of Cedros we had her going 21 to 22 knots for an extended time, not straining at all. Waterline and the perfect point of sail were the magic ingredients, even when overloaded with crew, gear and Ha-Ha stuff.

Love dat cat!

Update On the Mosquito Fleet Catamarans

I have a meeting with Peter Philips of Pacific Maritime magazine about this next onth,

Hi Peter,

I do have a Lake Chelan ferry.  See pictures.

Most of my boats are in Hawaii.  The Holo Holo, Kai Oli Oli and Alii Nui are warm weather boats that ferry a large number of passengers.  I want to take what I know and apply it to the Puget Sound.

The difference is that I come from a sailing background.  We are familiar with easily driven hulls, and weight saving is critical.

Almost all the passenger ferries that I see are by designers with a powerboat background.  They just pile on more horsepower to make up for not being easily driven.

I have been designing catamarans for 35 years.  With the help of congressman John Miller, I got the USCG to adopt a particular design rule to design catamarans to.

I appreciate your interest.

Kurt Hughes