Email and Phone Update.

Drizzle/Reliable still does not know what caused interruption of my server. I do know that some of you mentioned emails bouncing then. Tech asks if you had any emails bounce, if you could forward to me and I will to tech.
On slightly related note, Century Link said they could do my office phone for half the price of the reseller. Supposedly it was today. Not sure if they did it or not and if so, if my features still work.
My cell is different system and is at 206 719 4893 if needed.

My Recent Lecture

About a week and a half ago I was invited to give a lecture to the Bellingham Power Squadron on catamarans.
I figured that I would power through the images from the blog and talk story a bit on the informative ones. Not that easy.

My little laptop is only a few years old.  Turns out it was too old.  It did not have an HDMI port and nobody had an adaptor.  So it couldn’t talk to the bigscreen.  We did copy some pictures onto a thumbdrive for the bigscreen, but then the bigscreen crashed.

Luckily I had lots of composite construction samples to pass around,  and put together a presentation from those.  Improvise!

For me, the big take-away was from my host Alex who built one of my 45 cats with an aeroesque rig.

He noted that he joined the power squadron to be able to attend their classes on wiring and other technologies.  I had not considered that before.  Something for people to look into.

Sorry So Gone

Sorry that I have let the blog lapse a bit. There has been several deadlines, a lecture that I gave and an uptick in study plans.
Next week I will post more these, but :
Finished the 75 cat for customer in UK
Finished 78′ ferry cats for NCL except for confirmation on Volvo engines.

New 35′ tri design.
New 62′ cat design
Major upgrade for the 23′ tri


I got the GPO-3 fiberglass sheet from Online Metals dot com. I hoped to substitute it for the more expensive G-10. Looks like it worked. It is smooth like G-10 though in the picture above it looks rough.
This 2 foot by 2 foot sheet was $10.  Picked it up myself.  Compare to same size G-10 at McMaster Carr at $47 plus some $20 shipping.
The red probably means it is phenolic.  Both of these are fire resistant.

The panel looks like it was made with chopper gun, but it will be used for low load applications, so no worry.
They did used to be a friendly neighborhood supplier. They have been bought by Thyssen Krupp and have a new corporate bureaucracy feel now. Good prices though.


When Not To Use VHB Tape

VHB tape is wonderful stuff to stick things together. It was created for attaching windows to things, with no fasteners. However, I just had an illustrative example of when not to use it.
I was very impressed with the VHB tape on the lunar lander dome. It had a steel frame to stick to.  Straight and smooth.
Maybe out of inertia, I also put it on the little triangular windows of the lunar lander. Later I realized the tape looked too wide on those tiny windows and I vowed to trim it back when I bought a tall enough ladder to reach.
I got the ladder.  It turned out that all I had to do was push a bit and the windows folded back in. So I could then remove the tape.
Two lessons. For VHB tape to work well, the contact surface must be both flat and smooth. Many of you can do that. I seem to not have that skill nor ability in hard to reach places.
The second lesson is the VHB tape must be kept dry. Due to no ladder, I could not protect it with my caulk.
My triangular windows are now stopped in and bedded with caulk.  The caulk can span the sketchy surface and gaps.
If you can do and flat, fair and smooth contact surface, go for it. If not, use adhesive caulk, like the System 3, two part polyurethane.

In contrast, I have a solar powered motion light stuck above the front door.   It was stuck on with a couple of strips of VHB tape.  Turns out the light is defective and won’t work.  I not only can’t  remove it, I can hang from it.  And swing.  Gonna take a chisel maybe.


Congress and the USCG 2016

One of my customers in Hawaii has started a dialog with his senator about the recent pointless dificulties with the USCG MSC in Washington DC.  If any of you in the biz have any suggestions-
Contact is:
Will Rogers
Military Legislative Assistant
Office of Senator Brian Schatz
722 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

I am a big believer in how a congressman can change the USCG after how in the early 90s I worked with Rep. John Miller to get the USCG to adopt a design rule.  A few days later the second in command at the USCG MSC was in my office.  We got a rule for catamarans.  I think the story is here in the blog somewhere from long ago.

Kurt Hughes on Catamarans, Trimarans, and Boat Design