Email Down Again

Reliable ISP, my host notes on phone that they have a major outage today and are working as quickly as they can to get it back online. It was down all weekend, possibly due to the remnants of typhoon Songda.  At least I still have internets.  I see that my website is down too.

Congress and the USCG 2016

One of my customers in Hawaii has started a dialog with his senator about the recent pointless dificulties with the USCG MSC in Washington DC.  If any of you in the biz have any suggestions-
Contact is:
Will Rogers
Military Legislative Assistant
Office of Senator Brian Schatz
722 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

I am a big believer in how a congressman can change the USCG after how in the early 90s I worked with Rep. John Miller to get the USCG to adopt a design rule.  A few days later the second in command at the USCG MSC was in my office.  We got a rule for catamarans.  I think the story is here in the blog somewhere from long ago.

Container Ship Trimaran

I found this container ship trimaran in Pacific Maritime magazine. KNUD E. HANSEN A/S was design office proposing these con/ro ships.  By eyeball it looks like that would be too much weight to get in under 1/10 magic fineness ratio on the main hull.  And I can’t believe that those tiny amas so close in would help much in a beam-on wave situation. it sure seems like a catamaran would be a better choice.


ImiLoa for Sale

I see that the Choy catamaran ImiLoa is for sale.

ImiLoa was kind of famous here in the PNW back in the old days.  First, let me explain who Larry Christensen is.  Back in the 60s he designed and built a 37′ trimaran that was years ahead of it’s time.  Invictius had a huge dagger board, was wide, and had big amas way out there.  And it was rigged to excel upwind, for its time.  Unlike the famous Atlantic ocean trimaran designers who were using 3 strand halyards and had huge forestay sag,  back then. 

Larry basically schooled a whole generation of builders and sailors here in the PNW, including me.  And he did every race he could, including a couple of Transpacs.  Am doing this from memory.  Anyone actually knows more, do share.

So ImiLoa came to the PNW to do the Swiftsure.  They were bragging that they were going to clean everybody’s clock, including Larrys.  “Wait,” Larry said, ” You are telling me that you don’t have boards on that boat?”  “No.”  “You won’t even finish on the same day that I do.”  They didn’t.

I see on the specifications and the boat,  that it has boards now.  Larry must have taken them to school also.  Does anyone recall what year that was?


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