Check Your 20 oz. Triaxial

Triaxial roving has had the same makup ever since I first heard about it. The 0 degree has the same weight as the combined weight of the +- 45s.
I have a 25′ daycharter cat being built in Seattle. The sample testing done by Gougeons gave very low results. And the burn test reveled that it only had 20% 0 degree fiber. No wonder the low numbers.
Orca has two different 20 oz. triaxial spec sheets apparently. Be very careful which product you get.
The one that I am used to has 354 gsm for the 0 degree and 200 gsm for each of the +-45s.
The other one has a 0 degree of only 142 gsm and +-45s of 292 gsm. each. That is clearly an inferior product but it is still called 20 oz. triaxial. Beware. First the bad one, then below, the good 20 oz. triaxial. I wonder who thought skimping on the 0 degrees would be smart?

Lil Explorers is for sale

Lil Explorers is for sale.
This 57’ cruising catamaran was built with Duracore, triaxial roving and epoxy. It’s a full on cruising cat for $295,000. The boat is now located in Malaysia.
Lil’ Explorers is a 57’ Kurt Hughes catamaran. It was designed and built as a 49 passenger day charter catamaran for the islands of Hawaii. Every phase of it’s construction was inspected by the United States Coast Guard to insure that it met all requirements as a commercial charter catamaran.
Lil’ Explorers (Originally named Flying Jack) was professionally built at Gil’s Catamaran in Costa Mesa California. Lil Explorers was the last catamaran built by Gil Okamoto of Gil’s Catamaran. Gil became a master ship builder during WWII during which time he was responsible for building PT Boats. He was unable to fight in WWII due to his Japanese ancestry.
Prior to the boat being completed Jack Kobaiyashi who commissioned the build, passed away. At this time the boat was completed to a shell level.
In March 2012 Courage Winter purchased the incomplete boat for $45,000, engaged the designer Kurt Hughes, and had the boat completed to his requirements.

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