Attended 2023 Wooden Boat Festival

Did the Port Townsend Wooden Boat festival. Mostly silverbacks attending.
I ran into legendary boat builder Sam Devlin. He was leading a designer forum in the afternoon.
When I showed up he told me to join him at the table.
I got to tell my story about how in the late 80s Seattle was a hotbed of marine design technology.

This is the story about what happened in Seattle in the 80s.

In the mid 80s the first computer hull design software appeared.

On a Macintosh 

As I recall it was $6000 a seat.

A Seattle genius came up with a DOS version and sold it for $50. Was just as good.

And MS DOS was invented in Seattle to complete with windows at far less cost.

The best CADD program was AutoCAD, $3000 a seat. Seattle guys created Generic CADD. Also $50 a seat.

And Generic would out put to Aldus with the best EPS files ever done, for publishing.

I had a lecture to give in England.

To create a presentation, I would bring the CADD drawings up on my screen and shoot slides of them. Seamlessly going from one program to the next. No Power Point back then. Slides.

When I was done, the self proclaimed leading computer designer came up to me and said, “that’s amazing. We can’t do that.” We were onto something

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