Teralani Charters

Yesterday I got to meet the crew of Teralani 3, another KHSD 65′ x 36′ daycharter cat on Maui. Again I was very impressed with the boat. The builder had delivered it to them in a very unfinished state some 5 years ago. They have finished it to top shape. They are more of a true sailing charter than many others. Passengers load from the beach.  Very nice. See http://www.teralani.net/

On Maui this week

I’m catching with some of the KHSD cats on Maui this week. I’ve been very impressed with the 65′ Alii Nui. Everything seems to have been done right. See http://www.aliinuimaui.com/
Interesting fact. At 21 knots powering she is only using 56% of throttle. She is also on the cover of the Avis and Budget rental car magazines. In my opinion, no other charter cat here comes even close in the looks and amenity.  And video from the site http://www.aliinuimaui.com/maui-sailing-videos.htm

While there is a new Constant Camber cat owned by competitor; and it looks more like one of mine than any previous, it looks frumpy and poorly detailed in comparison. In my opinion.
I forgot the cable between camera and computer, so pictures have to wait until I get back, except this that I stole off the site.  I’m sure Jeff doesn’t mind.

Profligate Leaping off of Waves

the waves Profligate powered out through.

The KHSD 63 catamaran recently made the evening news while safely leaving Oceanside harbor in dangerous waves. Pictures at http://boatinglist.com/openblog/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Profligate-Latitude-38.jpg . The story is at http://www.latitude38.com/lectronic/lectronicday.lasso?date=2011-09-02&dayid=#.TpXejJua-J4
The newscast video does not work I see.   But another serene video of Profligate in calmer seas. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ae4TQTSRfiQ

Power Proa Redux

power proa

I finally got my power proa and its trailer painted properly with 2 part poly. Some of you might recognize the main hull as Magic Hemple’s ama.  (a ride is a ride…you get them where you can) The ama is (2)1 mm CM birch plywood.  80 lbs all up  without motor. The 4 hp Mercury 4 cycle pushes it at 13 knots. I calculate that it gets 18 MPG at full throttle. I used to car-top it with the Honda Accord, but the truck I drive now  is too tall, so trailer it is.  I’m not good enough to sail a proa, but they sure make sense as a power commuter.