On Maui this week

I’m catching with some of the KHSD cats on Maui this week. I’ve been very impressed with the 65′ Alii Nui. Everything seems to have been done right. See http://www.aliinuimaui.com/
Interesting fact. At 21 knots powering she is only using 56% of throttle. She is also on the cover of the Avis and Budget rental car magazines. In my opinion, no other charter cat here comes even close in the looks and amenity.  And video from the site http://www.aliinuimaui.com/maui-sailing-videos.htm

While there is a new Constant Camber cat owned by competitor; and it looks more like one of mine than any previous, it looks frumpy and poorly detailed in comparison. In my opinion.
I forgot the cable between camera and computer, so pictures have to wait until I get back, except this that I stole off the site.  I’m sure Jeff doesn’t mind.

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