Saint Maarten

In St. Maarten is saw one of my charter cats that I had forgotten about, go by. It was the old Mambo Cat under a new name.  I also made a new boat friend.  Surprise on St. Maarten. The beachfront tourist help guy, sporting long dreads, builds epoxy/carbon radio controlled power cats. Electric powered with LI batteries. Vacuum bagged. He had video of 125 mph. New boat friend.  I will get video.


Back, Lots to Report

I got back last night. I got a lot done during the time. The new Composite Multihull Construction Manual is done, less the Table of Contents. Pagemaker did a pretty good job of it last year on the CM Manual, but was usless for this book. I will have to do it the old fashioned way.

The CM Construction Manual is also updated and the pagination and other bits fixed, or so I think.

Getting them out is the trick.  With all the color pictures and hyperlinks, they are really best as PDFs instead of print.  But each book is about 180 mg at standard resolution.   A lower res lite version will be about 25 mg.  The best way might be for Matthew to put them up at a downloading website.  Already-builders could get the new books at a low cost.  Not-yet-builders would pay somewhat more, but that could be refunded from any future plans order.  I’m guessing there would be a passcode of some kind.

I also have the composite bridgedeck 45 cat materials spreadsheet updated with the help of Frank Fladerer.

And the plans set for the updated Trikala 19 is done except for labels on the pages.  I get a lot done when I’m not doing plans support.

Out of Office Next week

I will be out of the office between this April 6 and back on the 25th. I may or may not have email during. I will take laptop and be working on 3 designs.  I will also be editing the two construction manuals.
The office seems to cost more than it brings in anyway so by being gone maybe I can stem the leaking.

The shopping cart will of course still take orders, but nothing gets shipped until I get back.

Will be in UK.