and a Big Tri on Maui

The new owner sent me picture of his trimaran that I unexpectedly co-designed with legendary designer Bob Perry back in ’92. Is 62′ or 63′ long by 45′.




3 thoughts on “and a Big Tri on Maui”

  1. “Co-designed”?
    As I recall the amas were all that Kurt provided. Then the client fired him. I did all the rest with the structural help of Jim Antrim.

    1. Settle down Bob.
      My plans set was 90% done, including FEA. Overall, the arrangements looked the pretty much the same. In fact when opposing counsel got my drawings and compared to Bob’s, they settled in a couple of days. Customer bravely came into my office sometime later and admitted he was wrong and was given bad information. I was impressed. We remain friends and are doing another project. Stock plan for this unit is of course entirely mine. Nice looking amas.
      I have to get the rest of these later; epoxy weather for a couple of days here.

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