Again, back.  I however see that no email will go out today. I’m most of the way through the 500 emails, but after seeing the morning news, I backed up everything before logging on.
That put me into ther time where the Eset anti-virus began uploading anti virus definitions. It slams the CPU up to 100% and it has stayed there since noon today. Nothing else is really possible until it decides it is finished. The email just keeps eternal hourglass going on.  They say that you can pause it but it never actually does.
All the email will have to wait until tomorrow.

More Thoughts on Brushing 2 Part Poly

There are many times when I don’t want to bother with the compressor and squirt gun to shoot 2 part polyurethane paint.
It could be too small a job; I don’t want to lug the compressor, or overspray will be a pain.
Awlgrip T0031 Reducer is amazing, but there are cautions.

First, it seems like magic.  I see my horrible brush marks, and in a moment, they are gone.  It’s smooth.   But, up to what seems like a half hour later, it could form a drip.  And, if you work outside, like I often do,  it will grab insects or chaff for that half hour.  Things to keep in mind.  Painting closet/cabinet doors.  Skythane 2 part poly.