More Thoughts on Brushing 2 Part Poly

There are many times when I don’t want to bother with the compressor and squirt gun to shoot 2 part polyurethane paint.
It could be too small a job; I don’t want to lug the compressor, or overspray will be a pain.
Awlgrip T0031 Reducer is amazing, but there are cautions.

First, it seems like magic.  I see my horrible brush marks, and in a moment, they are gone.  It’s smooth.   But, up to what seems like a half hour later, it could form a drip.  And, if you work outside, like I often do,  it will grab insects or chaff for that half hour.  Things to keep in mind.  Painting closet/cabinet doors.  Skythane 2 part poly.

2 thoughts on “More Thoughts on Brushing 2 Part Poly”

  1. I just painted my hull with a roller using Altex 2 pack paint specialy developed for roll on or roll & tip. The finish is as good as spray on . All the paint goes on the hull no overspray . No need to mask up ,remove masts or use a spray shed. The paint is only available in limited colour range . When applied it has orange peel but as it dries the finish smooths out & gets a high gloss. Im very happy with the results & cost effectivness. Even using proffesional painters my 46 ft mono hull cost 5 K Aud to paint including sanding fairing undecoat & 2 top coats. Compared with a Quote of 30 k Aud to spray .

  2. I’ve done dark color roll & tip Awlgrip jobs on complete hulls that look as good as the best spray jobs. (actually better than my spray jobs LOL)

    The secret is continual monitoring and adjusting your reducer/paint ratio, controlling the film thickness with even roller application, and keeping a large stock of 3″ foam brushes on hand that you throw away without missing a beat when they start to have too much paint on them.

    Given the right technique I find two part easier to work with than something like Monopoxy.

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