2 thoughts on “23 Daysail Tri Sailplan”

  1. Kurt:
    Nice looking sail plan for the 23′ boat. Is it an optical illusion or did you over lay the main sail for all 3 versions of the boat on a single illustration? It makes for simple comparison. Is the mast alloy, carbon or can a plywood-composite wing mast version be an option?

    In February Bob Hauser and I were both curious if the swinging connective approach would be feasible to make trailering easier. The look and finish of the 31′ tri cruiser in the Multihull Studio without wire stays would look sexy on this boat. Set up and launching at the boat ramp would be quick as would returning the boat to the trailer at the end of the day. The thought of wrestling with the carbon mast sections and amas at the boat ramp seems a little daunting. Obviously I would be happy to pay for the design and engineering time required on your part for the changes. I thought you mentioned in the portfolio to make the conversion it would cost @$500.00 to make the changes from sliding tubes and wire stays to the folding-pivoting connectives.

    Looking forward to seeing more renderings of the boat as it evolves, especially the ‘B’ sport version and the ‘C’ foiling star ship model. Keep up the great work.

    Tom Edwards

    1. Hi Tom,
      Main pattern is same idea, but fresh for each.
      those carbon tubes would be really light.
      I could live with that fee for a swing version. assuming we use some rudder bearings and wire seastays yes? Hit me in email for more.

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