31′ SD 31 Tri with Rigid Beams

I can’t believe that I have not posted this anywhere before , but all my searches here have not turned up anything on it.

31′ by 28′ wide. Plywood carbon beams. Can be built demountable. The set is almost done. CM plywood/epoxy for rapid building.

4 thoughts on “31′ SD 31 Tri with Rigid Beams”

  1. I have been pricing out the 26 tri, as it is a marvellous design for space, practicality, style and ability. If I could go longer for the increased ability, along with the carbon beams and transportable…..interesting. The cool thing about the 26 is the wings and the interesting part about this one is the straight through cylinder moulded hull forms, if it still has enough space.

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