45 Bridgedeck Cat Update

I finally got a chance to update my long running and very popular 45′ cat model.
I wanted to keep the look and feel, and amenity similar, but add much more.
Notice the reverse bows to dampen pitch in waves, and the spray deflector that slides back into hull flare.  The hull flare is the best way to get gobs of room inside the hulls and still have a skinny waterplane so it can be fast.

It has about the same layout options inside, but a suncover over the cockpit and added transom steps for easy water access.

I  have chosen to allow the builder to make his own parts as much as possible.  The bowtube is composite, as is the compression tube, chainplates, mast and boom.  I will create an exploded view of the components as a flat panel assembly probably this November, along with the study plans.

I will offer this design once there are study plans, for the same price as the present model.  Once the set is done or nearly done, it will be available at a competitive price for the plans.

Mast can be fixed or rotating.

an early version
a later version
later version at night

26 thoughts on “45 Bridgedeck Cat Update”

  1. Hi Kurt, I’m interested in the 45 Bridgedeck cruiser. How high is the mast? Also are the specs to USL/ Euro survey? Best regards. Brian

  2. hi kurt, i see the rudders are kick up or lift up? but i cant figure out if the drive is liftable as well. thanks for that info, the pictures are to tiny to see those details.

  3. I am looking forward to the plans as well. Are they intended for foam sandwich building method using vacuum infusion?

    Thank You

  4. A few questions then…
    Can you give an eta for the study plans?
    Can I build this in plywood?
    Do you have any links to videos or information about the CM building process, it’s a process I am unfamiliar with.

    Thanks again

    1. ETA assumes that I have a linear workload. At this moment I have three big jobs that are way behind on payments. Another two that have promised and not yet and another that needs to wait another year to pay. So I have to scramble with revision jobs. Declaring an ETA is impossible.
      Can be in ply/epoxy .
      I have a CD and DVD available on the CM process.

  5. Kurt would it be possible to have the transom back further to create a larger cockpit, similar to a Leopard 44 ?

  6. Hi Kurt, love the design…..forgive the question…..Could this be built with a strip plank hull/bridgedeck( my building comfort zone)?

  7. Do you have the mast and boom plans finished? Is the mast stationary or rotating? What are the costs for the mast/boom plans?

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