6 thoughts on “63′ Tri”

  1. Hi, Kurt,
    this other one you’re talking about is the one in Kapolei, Hawaii, that suffered a dismast? It’s for sale just now. Do you know if he suffered any more breakdowns than the mast failure? The information is that the hull was carbon made , am I correct? A great opportunity to have a super tri? Do you have any idea of magnitude of costs to redo the rig and a new set of sails?

    1. thanks. there is another one being built near Seattle. Grim as owner has never sailed before and put a second story on it; without changing the waterplane.

  2. She’s gotten a lot less red since I saw her in St. Martin. Still the same French Canadian owner?

    One of the all time sexiest cruising trimarans on the planet.

    1. thanks. I think it was sold. I have not heard from original owner. I know he built mast with much lighter section that I wanted. I told him he would fold that mast quickly. I hear he did.

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