65 Charter Cats Front View

I got that great opportunity to see my Alii Nui side by side with a Constant Camber 65 last week. It was great to see the differences. Again, both were built by the same yard. Alii Nui is foam/glass and the CC 65 is constant camber. Except for butting all the plywood sheets instead of scarphs, and bagging the ply to a true mold, instead of itself, this boat’s hulls  were built exactly like the CM system that I have been using for 30 years and that CC has been criticizing for almost as long.  Cool.  Oriented ply sheets.  Stringers instead of mass. Thinner hull skin.  Cool.

Alii Nui is 36′ wide.  I cannot find the CC 65 data online, but I’m guessing it is 30′ or even 32′ wide. That makes a smaller playpen.  First the Alii Nui.  Both from the same distance on the dock.



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