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The ferry shakedown is going well here. I’m told it will be the first catamaran ferry service in the history of Africa. The boat itself is just part of the development. The ticketing will be largely by cell phone with the moneylink. The fuel will be locally grown biodiesel. The roads and traffic here are agonizing so this will be a big help. They plan to build 9 more boats. At the rollout

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  1. Kurt- is this the first one f your Cats that is being used as a Ferry in Africa? If so this is amazing and don’t let the use of other Cats burst your bubble or be a doggie downer no need rain on your parade if it’s your first design is use in Africa that is freaking amazing WOOHOO!

  2. Kurt, whoever told you that Earthwise will be the first catamaran ferry in Africa is spreading self-serving lies.

    For instance: Earthwise knows that my catamaran ferry has been operating on Lake Victoria since June 2010. There is also a catamaran ferry operating out of Mwanza for the last few years and there are several catamaran ferries on the Dar – Zanzibar route.

    None of this denies Earthwise’s achievement in getting their ferry launched but you and they need to be sure of your facts before you publish.

    1. Malcolm,

      I stand corrected. I understand that you spoke to the Seattle group about it. They might not have communicated to the Africa part of the group. And maybe they didn’t think it was that important. And I picked up on it at the event in Kampala and ran with it here. There goes my Pulitzer.

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