9 thoughts on “a Sunchaser 58 Video”

  1. Ideally, how much of the hull should be under the water line , especially at the bow , for the boat to perform as designed ? Im not sure I want to buy a boat that is already under water , but I really like your design a lot !!!/Users/rodrigocovarrubias/Desktop/4722295_20140618162843418_1_XLARGE.jpg/Users/rodrigocovarrubias/Desktop/4722295_20140528145123921_1_XLARGE.jpg

  2. Does anyone know anything about this sun chaser 58, and why it is so deep in the water ? How much should it weigh ? Is this a good boat as is ? How much weight could actually be taken off ?

    1. thats the heavy one. most of it is plywood interior. as I recall that has the major parts that Richard built so is the best one of the lot. Except for interior.

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