A Twist On CM

I was looking for some other pictures when I stumbled onto Gustl Spreng’s construction pictures of his KHSD 63 cat from almost 20 years ago as I recall.
I knew it was a variation on CM construction but I had not had chance to study these pictures for some reason.
I looks like he made a series of female stations and then forced the plywood into that shape. It must have also been vacuumed.  The results looked excellent.  I recall that core was then bagged into the inside, along with triaxial on top?

I cannot find Gustl in the googles, so if anyone helped with this hull construction, you are welcome to fill in.








2 thoughts on “A Twist On CM”

  1. Amazing results and the mould looks very cool. This is so interesting. It works on a large hull with longer curves. I wonder about smaller hulls.

    Plywood is my favourite use of wood in generating shapes. Add that laminating core does away with stringers for a cleaner interior and it seems like a huge up side.

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