2 thoughts on “Alii Nui Construction and Launch (2)”

  1. Completely off-topic question on your “egg crate” plywood. (This appeals to me because I have some experience in other areas with torsion-box construction.) They are strong for their weight (like lots of little I-beams) but the ones I have worked with are flat. I suppose they would work for soles, and bunks and other flat surfaces.

    Could the voids be filled with pour-in-place foam (of the 1 pound per square foot type- for flotation)? This would avoid the void problem with customs and the like, avoiding problems of places for moisture and vermin to accumulate, etc.

    Torsion boxes are a pain, but if you construct a jig, they can be easy to turn out with a router.

    Composite construction frightens me. Perhaps it shouldn’t but wood and epoxy I understand.

    ref: http://www.multihulldesigns.com/post_apocalyptic_boatbuilding.htm

    1. maybe chopping up pink inslation foam would be easier.
      I still don’t know what the ideal frequency is. Gougeons were foremost practitioners of this and they had no data either. Router and a jig would work well.

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