Andrew’s Tri

While in japan I got to visit Andrew and his KHSD 37 tri. Not many sailors at all in Japan. The locals think he exists for their amusement.  He was hauled out about 15 meters from the sea and maybe 2 meters above it.   When I was there we got word from a fisherman that a typhoon was coming. I see on the news that Kyushu where the boat was got hit square on. Hoping for word and the best for him.  Also found at


One thought on “Andrew’s Tri”

  1. i looked at the fickr photos. Very nice boat. The photos give a much better perspective of the interior space than the drawings on your web site. With more pictures like that you should be able to sell more plan sets.
    1200 e-mails when you got back from Japan. How do you get any work done? Of course I am just adding to the pile.

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