One thought on “Another Aolani”

  1. Yes, we did get that one right! the combination of your great hulls and my styling tweaks. The object was to build the sexiest possible boat, not the cheapest! I built a separate mold for every window and had them sent to an aircraft canopy shop to be molded. Center and aft beams are massive box sections designed to take all the sailing loads without relying on the (mainly window) cabin top. I have to say that in the ensuing 14 years there never has been a better looking large catamaran built anywhere on the planet. Not that I am objective or anything—-.

    Too bad Aolani was built by a builder who believed in cheap woven roving and large buckets of polyester resin. I’d guess an extra 3,000 pounds of it. Pretty much set her down on her full load design lines before anyone stepped aboard.

    ps here is the same photo without the ad copy

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