Another Cruise

I just got a pic from a builder out there cruising. Jim Normey built his KHSD 40 cat on Vancouver Island some 10 years ago. He has been out cruising for the last 8 years. I recall he took once a year off to work in Taiwan to build up his cruising kitty. He is about 6′-6″ and looks like a red bearded viking. I imagine he made quite a sight bicycling to work in Taiwan.
He is cruising in Panama now.  Enjoy, Jim.


4 thoughts on “Another Cruise”

  1. Actually, he is still building up the kitty right now or at least taking time off. This boat is on the hard 300′ away from mine. 🙂

  2. Kurt, in regards to laminate orientation from the centroid. Is this something we should all be doing? My laminates are all done with both layers facing “up”. It’s amazing it would make a difference since there’s only 12 oz of “biax” on each layer.

    Thanks for the update, we’ll do it with the 0 degree fibers facing “away” from each other from now on. Although we’re pretty much finished with the structure.


    1. not a problem with the real world. two things. the D790 is out of plane loads. Our boats are mostly loaded in global loads. Next, D-790 is single skin. We use core so the difference is minimal. Its not real world concern, its testing world concern.

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