Another Stuff Done Wrong

One of mine this time. People, contact me before you start cutting. I was not contacted with this one.
Having a walkway back can be a great idea. There does have to be a minimum amount of shear material, and the cap strips need to go far enough.
I’m not sure if Zeevonk always had the outboards, and if they were like that.
With the added material removal caused by the hatch there. it sure likes a failure waiting to happen.
If so I hope it happens close enough to shore to swim back.

2 thoughts on “Another Stuff Done Wrong”

  1. Hey Kurt,

    Instead of taking my word for it, these links


    are to some pics of when Zeevonk was up for sale in 2013; miraculously they haven’t taken them down yet…

    There is some very good detail of ZV’s stern there if you want to do some before and after comparisons, or maybe even add some of the pics to this post.



  2. Carl here; made the lengthy post on 27 November 2015 regarding planned changes to Zeevonk…

    Pretty sure ZV had twin 3-cyl Diesel 18 hp outboards, Yamahas if I recall correctly, and the early pictures I can quickly find on line do in fact show the outboards in the same location…

    2 pics above appear to be taken in Durgerdam in the Netherlands, near if not at the Sports Club Zeilvereniging het Y.

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